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Forensic Investigations into allegations of sexual abuse:

Forensic investigations into the allegations of sexual abuse can therefore be seen as an investigation process which is founded in research and international literature, a service to the court which aims to provide the court with facts of legal relevance, testing of various hypotheses and alternative explanations as part of a neutral objective investigation process, assisting in determining whether legal action needs to be taken or not. The investigation process consists of the following:

a. Pre-forensic Evaluation sessions which includes a developmental and social behavioural assessment of the child;

b. Forensic Interviewing sessions with the child which includes abuse related exploration, following interview protocol, and obtaining incident related information;

c. Collateral Investigation which includes interviews with relevant parties as caregivers, alleged offenders, or any other party related to the matter;

d. Compiling of a comprehensive report for children's court and/or criminal court through formal process.

The investigations are conducted in line with the Criminal Law Sexual Offences and Related matters, Amendment Act 32 of 2007 and the Children’s Act 38 of 2005.